First Kisan Rail carries 220 tons of mangoes to Delhi


The center announces a tariff concession of 50% for the transport of registered fruit and vegetables

The first Kisan Rail left Vizianagaram from Waltair Division for Adarsh ​​Nagar in New Delhi and carried 220 tons of mangoes on Saturday.

“The Waltair Division has made consistent efforts to ensure the essential supply of essential goods during the pandemic. In the past fiscal year, despite unusual situations, the division ran timed package deals across the country and mangoes were transported on 20 special trains from Vizianagaram, the hub in north Andhra, ”said Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, head of the Railway division, in a statement.

The Union Government has started the concept of running Kisan Rails to increase the income of the agricultural sector by providing hassle-free, safe and fast transport services for agricultural products. To encourage farmers, the Department of Food Industry, in partnership with Indian Railways, announced a 50% tariff concession for the transportation of notified fruits and vegetables.

The Waltair Division’s Business Development Unit (BDU) held regular negotiations with farmers and explained the benefits of transporting their products via Kisan Rails. The DRM appealed to farmers, traders and exporters to use the Kisan Rail special trains for the safe and fast transport of their products.


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