Visakhapatnam District has seen an unstoppable surge in COVID cases

COVID-19 infections are steadily increasing in the district. Of 414 cases on Wednesday, the district recorded 432 cases on Thursday, bringing the total to 66,937.

Two deaths have also been recorded in the past 24 hours, killing 564 people.

Meanwhile, 205 people affected by the virus recovered and tested negative. The total number of recoveries was 62,931 and the number of active cases was 3,442.

Testing affected

On the one hand, even if the number of cases is growing rapidly, the district has been hit by a double shortage of vaccines and tests in some private laboratories have been stopped due to lack of reagents. No COVID test boards were seen in some of the city’s test centers.

After receiving 55,000 doses of vaccine on Tuesday, the district still receives fresh supplies as the vaccines were used up after the “Tika Utsav”.

Second dose critical

The critical aspect of the vaccination program is the second dose. If a person is unable to take the second dose after the waiting time has passed after taking the first dose, there may be problems with the effectiveness of the vaccine. However, there is a five to seven day grace period between which the second dose of vaccine can be taken to ensure its effectiveness, said a senior physician at King George Hospital (KGH).

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