GVMC plans to develop a Mudasarlova park with £ 50 million


Officials from the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) are about to launch a call for proposals (RFF) for the development of Mudasarlova Park in the city, with an estimated budget of £ 50 billion. The company is thinking of giving the old park a great facelift and developing it as a good theme park to attract the tourists to the coastal city that is being touted as the new executive capital of the state. The proposal to develop this park was presented to the members of the new council at the first corporate meeting on Friday, which was approved by the council members.

The park, which extends over 20 hectares near Arilova, has been a good getaway for citizens for five decades. It is an important target for the number of citizens during the picnic season. However, no development activity has been started in recent years. Although there were plans to develop it by the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) with a budget of around £ 40 billion, plans have not been implemented for technical reasons. Finally, the GVMC decided to take up the project from its own resources and develop it as a theme park.

“We used to plan to give it to VMRDA for its facelift, but we came up with the idea again to include it and develop it as a theme park. We have decided to issue RFP for the project. The project can also be carried out in PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode. If the project goes well, it can also generate good income for civil society in the future, ”said GVMC Commissioner G. Srijana at the council meeting.

According to GVMC chief engineer M. Venkateswara Rao, since the proposal was approved in the council, the GVMC would be issuing RFP consultancies to come up with ideas for the project. “Among their ideas, we will select the best and unique model that will cover all the comforts for tourists,” he added.


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