Parties that keep an eye on the support of social groups


When the campaign for the by-election in the Tirupati (SC) constituency peaks, the political parties try to reach out to the social groups to get votes en bloc.

With each faction having the invisible support of one or the other major forward caste, the focus now is on targeting the OBC and SC voters.

After identifying 56 backward classes and establishing charities for them, the ruling YSRCP is in a favorable position to gain OBC votes.

The company-nominated chairpersons work overnight to turn the support of their respective communities in favor of the ruling party.

The TDP, which claimed to be the OBC’s savior until the 2019 elections, is hoping to regain its support.

With the Jana Sena party hoping to get the Balija votes in their kitten, the BJP is projecting how an OBC category leader could become prime minister under the BJP rule.

The parties resort to serious “hair-splitting” when it comes to the composition of the cast.

Satyavedu, Gudur, and Sullurpet have huge populations of planned castes. Among the OBCs, Yadavs have the highest percentage of votes in the Tirupati Assembly segment, while Mudiraj in Satyavedu, Palle Reddy in Srikalahasti, Padmasali (weaver) in Venkatagiri, Fischer in Gudur and Sarvepalli are known to be decisive factors.

Similarly, the Dudekula Muslim community listed in the BC-E category is widespread in the Srikalahasti, Venkatagiri, and Gudur segments.

Each party holds a closed meeting in star hotels with the major communities to seek their support.

The BJP is keen to erase its “anti-Muslim” tag by addressing the community by explaining the achievements of the central government, in particular the abolition of the “Triple Talaq”. Similar meetings were held with northern Indian communities such as Jains and Kumawats.


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