Parents protest against “delay” of scholarship for overseas education

The parents of students from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe who are completing a higher education abroad met here on Wednesday before the Dr. BR Ambedkar statue beaten with shoes to protest the delay in the granting of grants.

The state government has not approved the scholarships promised under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena program over the past two years.

Minutes after MLA Anantha Venkatarami Reddy and collector Gandham Chandrudu opened the statue on the occasion of Dr. BR Ambedkar had garlanded, the parents organized the protest.

With the support of the Jai Bheem Dalit organization, the parents of several students from the Anantapur district raised slogans against the state government because they had refused the promise to partially finance the higher studies of their stations abroad and had brought the students to a tight position.

“My daughters are studying at the same university in the UK as the Chief Minister’s child. We did not receive the promised £ 10 support which was later increased to £ 15, ”said Anand, a parent.

Mr Anand said one of his daughters is pursuing the Integrated Program in Management (IPM) and the other is doing her Masters in Science. “The state government has promised one of my daughters help, and we have also received the e-passport. However, the grant amount has yet to be released. I am unable to support my two daughters’ studies. It has come to the point that my children may have to return to India, ”he added.

About 2,500 students studying abroad had applied for the scholarship, and 560 students had been waiting for the amount to be released, including 43 from Anantapur district, officials from the Jai Bheem Dalit organization said.

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