Over 50,000 people take part in ‘Tika Utsav’ in Chittoor Jab


When cases rise, Nagari MLA RK Roja will donate 100 pulse oximeters to triage centers

Chittoor County Medical and Health officials launched the one-day Tika Utsav (vaccine festival) on Wednesday in 102 primary health centers and 18 urban centers across the county, aimed at those over 45 years of age.

A senior COVID task force official said more than 50,000 people were being given the vaccine. Of the 60,000 doses the district had for the program, a 95% target was met by the evening and the rest would be completed by Thursday, he said.

Meanwhile, APIIC Chairman and Nagari MLA RK Roja donated 100 pulse oximeters worth approximately £ 2.5 to the triage centers of Nagari State Hospitals. She also donated gloves, face masks, and disinfectants for distribution to medical and paramedical staff at primary and community health centers.

Deputy District Medical and Health Physician Fr Ravi Raju and Parish Commissioner (Puttur) K. Venkatrami Reddy received the items at their Chennai residence, where she is recovering from some surgical procedures.

In an interview with media representatives, Dr. Ravi Raju that the MLA has taken the initiative in light of the surge in COVID cases across Chittoor district.

Appeal to voluntary organizations

He appealed to other business groups and voluntary organizations to follow suit: “As cases grow exponentially, we will need critical equipment as patients who are advised to isolate at home will be provided with pulse oximeters. After the isolation protocol has expired, the device should be returned to the Triage Center. “

The Deputy DMHO also emphasized the need to provide meals to patients visiting the triage centers in Nagari, Tirupati, Piler, Madanapalle, Chittoor, Palamaner and Kuppam.

“When a patient tested for COVID is referred to a triage center, the medical team will decide whether the patient should be kept in isolation or referred to COVID care centers or government hospitals. Because of the time it takes to diagnose the comorbid conditions in patients, most of them either have to return home or rely on restaurants to further increase the risk of infection, “said Dr. Ravi Raju.


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