The vaccination campaign is picking up speed on the south coast of Andhra


There has been no slackening in new cases on the south coast of Andhra Pradesh as 506 people, 276 in Nellore and 230 in Prakasam, tested positive for the disease on Wednesday and the number of coronavirus cases in the two districts topped 1.3 lakh rose.

With four new deaths, the number of casualties in the SPSR district rose to 529 and one death in Prakasam increased the number to 590. Hospitals treating COVID-19 patients were overcrowded with patients as the number of new cases increased the number of those recovered People by over 250. Within 24 hours of recovery, 248 patients returned home.

‘Tika Utsav’, lackluster for the first three days from depletion of vaccine supplies, got a shot in the arm Wednesday, thanks to the pandemic control center’s replenishment of Covaxin and Covishield vaccines.

The village and community secretariats were a beehive full of activity as health professionals worked overtime to make up for the lost time and complete the massive drills on the final day of the vaccination festival, and the targeted beneficiaries began to step in.

More than 42,000 people in SPSR Nellore district and over 40,000 people in Prakasam district were vaccinated in a single day as the number of active cases in the area rose rapidly to 3,723.

“We will be vaccinating an additional 10,000 people by Wednesday,” said Prakasam District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) P. Ratnavalli as he monitored the drive through 214 meeting places across the district set up for the massive exercise. “We will vaccinate all 45,000 people scheduled for today,” said Nellore DMHO S. Rajyalakshmi


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