Andhra food blogger Seema Gurnani succumbs to COVID-19


She was a foodie in the truest sense of the word and was looking for new experiences as a hobby rather than just eating out of convenience or hunger. Food blogger and travel lover Seema Gurnani actively pursued new and diverse flavors for fun, not only to fill her stomach, but also to share her passion through her food blog called Panda Reviewz. Ms. Gurnani was born and raised in the city. She recently died in her battle against the COVID-19 virus.

“Eating was a passion. I also love to travel. My job in the corporate sector didn’t give me enough time to follow my passion, ”she said in an interview with The Hindu MetroPlus, a few months after starting her blog in 2016. Although she wasn’t sure how the public would react to her new blog, she moved on and at no point regretted it. “I know how a foodie treats food. There may be many others like me who want to try new kitchens but don’t know how and where. That’s when the idea of ​​Panda Reviewz came up, ”she said.

Ms. Gurnani was excited and in a hurry to popularize her blog before giants like Swiggy and Zomato could turn their eyes to Vijayawada. She started off on a small scale, visiting local restaurants as a customer to give honest feedback to the public. But as Panda Reviewz started gaining popularity, it began receiving calls from people asking for their feedback on a specific new restaurant in town. Encouraged by this positive response, she broadened her horizons and began to navigate through a turmoil of flavors, not just in the food destinations in the 13 counties of the state, but beyond.

Seema’s last post on Facebook was on March 11th, a review of the Trippy Tree Cafe in Vijayawada. In her video she talks about the food and the ambience of the café.


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