Vaccine stocks exhausted in Visakhapatnam

Those who had their first shot over a month ago are now concerned about getting the second dose on time

The “Tika Utsav”, due to begin across the country on April 11, was canceled in the Visakhapatnam district as vaccine supplies were exhausted. People’s initial apathy for receiving the shock has evolved into an urgent apathy amid the surging second wave.

Those who had their first shot over a month ago are now concerned about getting the second dose on time.

An elderly citizen of the Marripalem VUDA colony who received his first dose at a private hospital near NAD Junction was asked to wait a few days due to lack of inventory.

Two weeks ago, a Muralinagar resident who went to a private hospital near Simhachalam was politely informed that he had run out of supplies and that the district authorities needed fresh supplies. He was asked to come after a few days.

A resident of the official colony near KGH took the first dose a month ago at a private hospital near the colony. He approached the hospital on April 10 for the second dose, but was told there was no supply. He is concerned that he will be able to take the second dose in the allotted time.

Dr. PV Sudhakar, COVID-19 Special Envoy for Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam Districts, and Dr. P. Suryanarayana, DM & HO, confirmed that vaccine supplies in the district were depleted when contacted by The Hindu on April 11th.

When he was made aware of people’s concern, Dr. Sudhakar: “We expect new vaccine supplies to arrive in a few days. Those who took the first shot needn’t worry, as delaying a few days in taking the second dose is unlikely to affect the vaccine’s effectiveness. “

“There is no need for a person who shot the first shot in a particular hospital to shoot the second shot in the same location. Since the vaccine name, patient name, vaccination date and schedule for the second dose are uploaded to the COWIN app, all hospitals can access the details, ”he added.

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