Focus on border areas as Chittoor logs 740 new cases


The unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases in Chittoor district over the past month, with 740 cases on Saturday, has kept the district administration busy.

The Deputy District Physician for Medicine and Health, Fr. Ravi Raju, together with representatives of the COVID-19 Task Force, has reviewed the ongoing vaccination campaigns in the community health centers in Nagari and Puttur, as well as in the primary health centers in the constituency boundaries of the Nagari Assembly. “As per instructions from the District Collector, we focused on the border areas in the eastern mandalas,” the official said. Saturday’s record was the highest the district has seen since September last year.

Mass vaccinations as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for “Tika Utsav” from April 11-14 would be followed by awareness-raising campaigns in all vulnerable mandals highlighting the importance of COVID-19 protocols, he said.

“We currently have 20,000 doses of vaccine and additional supplies are arriving for the promotion. All eligible persons (all over 45 years of age) are insured, ”he assured the public that the district has adequate vaccine supplies.

All private hospitals were instructed to send a list of symptomatic individuals to their local authorities in order to expedite detection of cases, aside from tracing primary and secondary contacts. Medical stores have been strictly warned not to sell drugs for COVID symptoms without a prescription from a qualified medical staff.

“In coordination with the police, special teams would monitor the face mask and disinfection rule in all public places, given the surge in cases,” said Dr. Ravi Raju.


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