COVID-19 | Spike in cases keeps officials busy

The second wave of coronavirus has caused panic among both people and officials in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts in recent days.

A huge increase in the number of new cases has caused a shock wave in the Srikakulam district administration. The number of cases, which was around 100 a day by Thursday, rose to 279 on Saturday.

The total number of cases is now 1,023. The reported death of four people during the second wave in the district on Friday has put the district administration on alert and taken war-based steps.

“Over 30% of the cases are reported in the cities of Srikakulam and Palasa. In anticipation of further cases, we are preparing beds in designated hospitals. The Tekkali Area Hospital will be set up as a COVID-19 hospital. Each mandal will have two ambulances to take patients to hospitals, ”said Srikakulam Collector J. Nivas.

Meanwhile, 97 new cases were recorded in Vizianagaram district, bringing the total to 412 in the district. Vizianagaram Police Superintendent B. Rajakumari instructed all station house officers (SHOs) to ensure the wearing of masks in public places. Police officers inspected buses and made many youths and other masks wear. Police held awareness camps near the railway bridge to explain the benefits of social distancing, wearing masks and using disinfectant (SMS) to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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