3,938 people get the sting in East Godavari


The COVID-19 vaccine was given to 3,938 people on the first day of Tika Utsav, which began on Sunday in the East Godavari district. However, it was limited to four secretariats – two in Kakinada and one each in Rajamahendravaram and Rampa.

The vaccination program is to be carried out across the district and cover all those over 45 years of age. However, this did not happen due to the lack of vaccines.

The Utsav was inaugurated by the Minister of Social Affairs P. Viswaroop in the city of Kakinada.

“By Sunday we only had 4,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and 3,938 people received the sting. Now there is no more inventory in the district, ”said Dr. KVS Gowreeswara Rao, district doctor for medicine and health The Hindu.

Some doses of the vaccine are expected to arrive in the district on Monday. The program will resume once the vaccine arrives.

The collector D. Muralidhar Reddy said they had informed the higher authorities about the shortage of vaccine.

He said more than 3.3 lakh had received the vaccine in the district as of Jan. 16.


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