Two people killed as a truck hit two ox carts in East Godavari


The incident happened when several families were traveling in ox carts to a religious meeting

At least two people were killed after two ox carts carrying the deceased with family members were hit by a truck from behind in the village of Borrampadu on the national road under the police lines of Gandepalli, East Godavari district.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. (Friday evening) when the two families were on their way to attend the annual jatara (religious gathering) in the village of Kadrakota, Peddapuram Mandal. The two families belong to Korukonda Mandal.

“The deceased were identified as Kandavalli Veera Venkata Rao, 49, from Narsapuram village and Haridasu Pedakapu, 55, from Rythupuram village. The two ox carts came to the end of the line of almost 30 ox carts heading towards the Jatara area the highway, “Gandepalli’s deputy sub-inspector, Fr Sobhana Kumar, told The Hindu. The truck that hit the ox cart came from the city of Rajamahendravaram.

“In the accident, the family members of the two deceased survived with minor injuries and the ox carts were completely dismantled. The four cattle that pull the cart survived the accident with minor injuries,” said Sobhana Kumar.

The police have registered a case and an investigation is ongoing. The bodies were taken to a government hospital in Jaggampeta, East Godavari district.


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