“Redirecting Water in Delta to Save Rice Harvest”


Social Affairs Minister Pinipe Viswaroop instructed the irrigation department on Friday to ensure the supply of irrigation water in the eastern and central delta by April 20.

Currently, the irrigation authorities are supplying 2,660 cusecs per day to the crops grown throughout the Godavari Delta in the East Godavari district during the Rabi season.

A total of 38,441 hectares of rice are grown in the central delta. A total of 87,307 hectares of rice are grown in the eastern delta.

“At least 200 cusec of irrigation water should be diverted from the eastern delta to the central delta, as 15% of the rice harvest in the eastern delta has been completed. By diverting the irrigation water, crops are saved in the central delta, where the sowing of rice fields was delayed in the rabi season, ”said Viswaroop.

The state government has yet to set a date to stop the release of Godavari water from the Polavaram project site and begin construction of the cofferdam.

Mr Viswaroop has also asked Joint Director of the Department of Agriculture, JD Rama Rao, to provide free diesel to farmers so that they can get water from the canals with engines in the central and eastern delta areas.


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