If Puducherry can get SCS why not AP, TDP asks


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs fired over the issue of special category status (SCS) during their campaign for Tirupati Lok Sabha by-election to the BJP-led Union government and the YSRCP government in the state.

Lok Sabha members Jayadev Galla, K. Rammohan Naidu and Rajya Sabha member K. Ravi Kumar questioned the YSRCP during a meeting organized as part of the campaign here on Friday about their “prolonged silence” in both houses of the SCS parliament, which the State was promised in advance of the fork.

“The BJP denied Andhra Pradesh the SCS, but Puducherry promised the same in the election campaign,” Galla said, adding that party candidate Panabaka would give Lakshmi the much-needed boost if elected the TDP in parliament to close the center consult.

Mr. Rammohan Naidu wondered how the BJP, after claiming the SCS issue was a “closed chapter” for Andhra Pradesh, could promise Puducherry the same. He also wanted to know why the YSRCP MPs had remained silent on the issue in parliament.

YSRCP government accused of breaking norms and disregarding the bare minimum of decency by “abusing the official machinery and denigrating all constitutional bodies such as the electoral commission, opposition parties and public officials”

Mr. Ravi Kumar asked why the ruling party did not show similar aggressiveness while taking up the state’s questions against the center.

Ms. Panabaka Lakshmi complained about the “lack of progress in several key projects”.

She blamed the YSRCP government’s inability to negotiate on behalf of the state.


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