Gastroenteritis: Minister visits affected families in Adoni, promises support

Health Minister Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas visited the homes of gastroenteritis (GE) patients in Arun Jyothi Nagar Colony in Adoni Town on Friday to inquire about their health.

Mr. Srinivas assured residents of all the help from the state government and asked them not to panic but to work with health and community officials to improve the situation.

“Depute Expert”

The Minister of Health, accompanied by the district doctor and health officer Rama Giddaiah and the district collector G. Veerapandian, checked the situation in the colony at the location of the medical camp and ordered a gastroenterologist to be sent to the municipal health center in Adoni. He asked the DMHO to camp in Adoni until normal was restored.

Five new cases were reported Thursday, despite officials trying to pinpoint the cause of the large number of GE cases.

Food poisoning suspected

Preliminary reports suggest food poisoning from the prasadam consumed as a reason at a religious gathering.

Mr Srinivas wanted two ambulances to be kept ready in the Urban Health Center and in the colony so that people in need can be brought to the GGH in Kurnool for better treatment.

Four people who lived in the house of the woman who died in the colony still had gastroenteritis.

The Minister of Health instructed that a team, led by an MBBS doctor, should be deputized for every 100 houses in the colony, which consisted of 1,500 houses, to monitor the health of the patients.

Mr Srinivas also ordered that, given the rising number of COVID-19 cases, RTPCR tests should be performed for all residents of the colony.

Kurnool MP S. Sanjeev Kumar, Labor Minister G. Jayaram, Adoni MLA Y. Sai Prasad Reddy, and Community Commissioner RGV Krishna attended the review meeting where the Minister of Health wanted drinking water samples sent to Vijayawada for a cruise review .

Mr. Srinivas also instructed to give him a report at 5:00 p.m. every day on the situation in the colony and Gorukallu village, where too many GE cases had been reported in the past three days.

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