Brain-dead youth to breathe new life into five others


His lungs flew to Hyderabad and his kidneys and liver to be given to those in need at Vizag

Metta Teja, a 20-year-old teenager who was killed in a traffic accident, will breathe new life into at least five other people. His lungs were harvested on Saturday and taken to the KIMS hospitals in Hyderabad while his kidneys and liver are being given to needy patients in the city.

Teja had graduated from BBA. His father, M. Tirupathi Rao, who works in a private company near Duvvada, left on April 7th for night shift. Teja informed his mother that he would meet his friends and leave that evening on his father’s motorcycle. When he didn’t return home until midnight, his mother called him and he replied that he would be back soon.

“Around 2am (early in the morning on April 8th) my wife called me on my cell phone and told me that the 108 ambulance workers had told her that our son had an accident on Beach Road behind the zoo, and he was was brought to KGH. I rushed to the hospital and even after the doctors told me there was no hope, we didn’t give up and took him to the CARE hospital, ”Mr. Tirupathi Rao told this correspondent, his voice choked with emotion.

“DR. NVS Mohan (CARE neurosurgeon) who was treating my son called me to the counseling center and told me Teja was” brain dead. “Your son can save five patients if his vital organs are removed. to donate his organs, they are removed and given to patients in need. Mr. Sai (Jeevandan coordinator) also told me about the importance of organ donation, “he said.

“It wasn’t long before I made up my mind, and I told myself that maybe it was God’s will. Doctors told us that we might have to wait for the body to be handed over as the removal of the organs could take some time. We agreed that we wanted him to save other patients in need after his death, ”he said.

“In July / August 2020 when COVID-19 was peaking, I suffered an attack. He (Teja) looked after me in the hospital and at home after I was released, ignored the virus threat and breathed new life into me. His helping nature has made him popular with his friends, relatives and residents of our colony. At a young age he earned everyone’s love and will continue to live in our hearts, ”added Tirupathi Rao.


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