The Post publishes a cover about Indian Skimmer

Andhra Pradesh Circle Postmaster General M. Venkateswarlu and JNTU Kakinada Vice Chancellor Prof. M. Ramalinga Raju published a special cover on Friday about the endangered Indian skimmer (Rynchops albicollis).

“There is a great need to preserve the habitat of the Indian skimmer in India. The Ministry of Post, Andhra Pradesh, decided to publish a special cover afterwards The Hindu has published an article on the bird’s breeding activity and population and Kakinada is becoming its main habitat, ”Venkateswarlu told the gathering on the JNTU-K campus.

The Hindu had published an article in these columns on December 29, 2020 with the title “Indian Skimmer Spotted on the Creek on the Kakinada Coast”.

Mr. Venkateswarlu added that development policy should not result in the loss of habitat of various species and marine ecosystems, and expressed sadness about the way the Kakinada mangrove system has been disrupted for various activities.

“The Ministry of Post launched a major campaign to preserve the Kakinada mangrove ecosystem by releasing special covers in 2020 and the Indian Skimmer on Friday. We believe that some ecosystems cannot be restored once they are gone, ”said Venkateswarlu.


Regarding the dwindling world population of Indian Skimmer, Prof. Ramalinga Raju has asked the government to declare the new habitat of Indian Skimmer as an “extension of the Coringa Conservation Area”.

“The declaration of the stream near the Wadden Sea of ​​Kumbabhisekham, which is a prime habitat for Indian skimmers in Andhra Pradesh, as an extension of the Coringa nature reserve will achieve the goal of the Indian action plan for individual species (2018-23).”

Superintendent of Post Offices (Kakinada Department) DSU Nageswara Reddy and staff from the Postal Department were present.

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