The 3K run in the zoo has been well received

The 3K run, which was organized in the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) on the occasion of the ‘National Zoo Lovers Day’, received a good response here on Thursday.

Almost 180 people, including young people and the elderly, took part in the run.

IGZP curator Nandani Salaria said the event was organized to give animal and zoo lovers in the city the opportunity to experience nature and wildlife on the occasion of National Zoo Lovers’ Day at IGZP.

“This was the first time that such an event took place in the zoo. However, given the threat posed by COVID-19, the program was organized with a limited number of people. More events will take place in the future, ”she said.

Kiran Kumar, Suresh and Laxman, who finished in the top three, were awarded trophies. Certificates were given to the participants.

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