Fish feed rake sent from Gudivada to Assam

Growel Feeds Private Limited, based in Chevuru Village, Krishna County, successfully loaded fish feed into a 21-cart mini BCN rake and shipped it from Gudivada to Changsari, Assam, from Gudivada on April 7th. It is the first floating fish feed rake to be transported from the Vijayawada Division to another state.

A total of 1,338 tons of fish in sacks with standard dimensions were loaded into 21 covered wagons. The shipment raised £ 29.86 for the railroad division.

According to an official publication, fish feed has traditionally been transported by road to the northeastern states at a cost of around £ 7,500 per tonne over a distance of 2,138 km. At £ 2,125 per tonne, rail costs are 74% lower than road costs.

In the past, mini rakes (21 trolleys) were only allowed up to a distance of 1,500 km between different zones. The Railway Board recently relaxed the rules and now allows the interzonal transport of mini rakes over 2,000 km until June 31, 2021 in order to expand its cargo basket.

Railways Department Head P. Srinivas commended the Chief Trade Department Head P. Bhaskar Reddy, Chief Trade Inspector (Gudivada) V. Bhagavan Naik and his team for initiating this new flow of traffic for the railways.

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