CPI, Congress seeks new notification


The CPI and Congress have welcomed the Andhra Pradesh Supreme Court ruling overturning notification to the State Electoral Commission for MPTC and ZPTC elections on April 8th.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, APCC President S. Sailajanath called for a new notice to be issued instead of continuing the process that was interrupted last year.

Many political parties complained that their candidates were either not allowed to submit nominations or were forced to withdraw under duress, he said.

“Apart from that, many new voters were added to the list. But they are not allowed to vote in the elections, which is against the spirit of democracy, ”said Dr. Sailajanath.

“Have the SEC reissue the notice and follow the Supreme Court guidelines for implementing the four-week code of conduct. Where’s the urgency in holding the elections when the YSRPC is sure to win majority seats? “Asked Dr. Sailajanath.

“Congress denies 260 ZPTC and 170 MPTC seats,” he added.

“It is ridiculous for the YSRCP to speak of development. When we cross the interstate border in Telangana or Karnataka, we see the boards announce, ‘Buy diesel or gasoline for 5 or 7 pounds less per liter, whatever the scenario in AP says, ”he said.

“Giving a week to the elections was a murder of democracy. The people in the administration should not bow to the evil intentions of the politicians in power, ”said CPI State Secretary K. Ramakrishna in a statement.

“Blot on Democracy”

More than 2,000 MPTCs and 125 ZPTCs were unanimously elected after intimidating the opposition parties in various ways. He claimed and described this as a blemish for democracy.

He called for a new notification, demanding that all political parties be given the opportunity to resubmit nominations.


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