“1 out of 5 people who participate in functions that instruct COVID”


District collector AM Imtiaz said people involved in public gatherings and events were infected with COVID-19 in large numbers in the district. He said that out of 200 people who attended an event, 40 people (or one in five) were infected, according to a study.

Mr Imtiaz spoke here on Tuesday with the district doctor for medicine and health, M. Suhasini, at a press conference.

He said that it is mandatory for people who go to educational institutions, government offices, commercial establishments, and other places to wear masks.

Mr Imtiaz said 87% of active cases are isolated at home while the rest are treated in hospitals. He urged the public to get vaccinated at the earliest to avoid contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, an exhibition with hundreds of booths approved by the district administration was held on the city’s PWD site.


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