The development in the state has taken a back seat in the YSRCP rule: Lokesh

The National Secretary General of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Nara Lokesh, confronted the YSRCP government with issues such as corruption, attacks on women and Dalits, price increases for essential goods and “underdevelopment” in the YSRCP government during his election campaign for the by-election of Tirupati Lok Sabha the state, among other things, on Monday.

TDP workers waved the party flag and set up garlands in the temple city as Mr Lokesh took part in a door-to-door campaign across the arteries under the banner of the Telugu Nadu Students Federation (TNSF).

While the party’s campaign vehicle with the musical number ‘Kadalirandi Telugu Desa Karyakarthalara …’ was advancing, Mr Lokesh reported on the busy and commercial places in Tirupati.

Passers-by vied for him while the youth took selfies. Mr Lokesh gave anxious moments to the party’s internal security staff and police by turning to the side of the road to greet women, seniors and children.

At a public meeting, Mr. Lokesh confronted the YSRCP government on issues related to corruption, land mafia, attacks on women and Dalits and the disappearance of red sandpaper trees on the hills of Seshachalam. He mentioned rising prices for sand, electricity, petroleum products and vital raw materials and blamed the YSRCP government. He also mentioned the skyrocketing prices of alcohol.


Claiming that there is “rampant unemployment” in the state, Mr. Lokesh said, “During his tenure as Minister of Information Technology, I created 3,000 jobs. The YSRCP regime has not added a single new job. Instead, it has rehabilitated party supporters as volunteers for a meager pay of £ 5,000 a month. Is it an achievement at all? “, Asked he.

Mr Lokesh said that development took a back seat after the YSRCP took office. “Many multinational companies are leaving the state one after the other, leaving many people unemployed. The alcohol policy as flawed, because of which the state cannot keep its promise to enforce the ban before the elections, ”he said, drummed up support for the party candidate Panabaka Lakshmi.

Only the TDP can express the state’s concern in New Delhi, Lokesh added.

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