Obey COVID rules at all places of worship, says Joint Collector


Atif Rasheed, deputy chairman of the National Minorities Commission, has been postponed indefinitely

Common Collector (Welfare) K. Mohan Kumar chaired a meeting with representatives from various religious institutions in the wake of the increasing COVID-19 cases in the district.

He urged the representatives to ensure that the COVID security measures are followed at the places of worship, e.g. B. wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance and disinfecting hands at regular intervals.

He urged officials to urge people over the age of 45 to get vaccinated. District Medical and Health Doctor M. Suhasini, District Commissioner for Minority Welfare Riyaz, and Deputy Commissioner for Foundations, V. Satyanarayana, were present.

In the meantime, the tour of the National Commission on Minorities’ Deputy Chairman Atif Rasheed has been postponed indefinitely due to the state’s electoral law. He was scheduled to participate in various programs in the city and other locations on April 8th and 9th.


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