“Demand Survey for Today’s Housing Programs”

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Commissioner V. Prasanna Venkatesh said the state government will conduct a demand survey on April 6-7 for the Jagananna Smart Town program to make middle-income people (MIG), including government employees, affordable To offer living space.

In a press release, Venkatesh said the government intends to provide land to MIGs and develop colonies with all amenities in locations within five kilometers of existing urban areas.

He said beneficiaries who fall in the three to six lakh annual income bracket can receive 150 square meters of land, while those in the six to 12 lakh income bracket can receive 200 square meters and those with 12 to 18 lakh annual income can receive 240 square meters of land to get.

He said the Ward Secretariat staff would conduct the survey Tuesday and Wednesday and urged the public to make use of the program.

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