TDP calls for the cancellation of the TTD agreement with the UIC

The party calls on the Devasthanam to build the children’s hospital itself

TDP Executive Secretary Buchi Ram Prasad has asked the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and the provincial government to publish the details of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that has been signed with Udveg Infrastructure and Consultancy Private Limited (UIC), which deals with the construction of a children’s hospital .

‘Questionable Credentials’

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Mr Prasad questioned the company’s credentials and the government and TTD’s sincerity on the matter.

It was found that the company had posted a photo of a government stadium in Europe on its website to mislead its track record, claimed Prasad, adding that the “suitcase company” founded by Sanjay Kedarnath had Singh in 2018 a balance of £ 1 lakh in 2019 and £ 2,600 now.

“Although the company claims to be in construction, infrastructure, finance and consulting, the reality is different. A few Telugu people are also on the board, ”claims the TDP chairman.

“The letter of intent is yet another attempt to plunder the devotees’ money,” claimed Prasad.

“The TTD has agreed to provide the company with 10 acres of prime land near the Alipiri Gate in Tirupati for the development of the children’s hospital. The extent of the land cost is between 400 and 500 crore. As soon as the company is in his possession, it can possibly be used commercially ”, feared the TDP chairman and called on the TTD to immediately cancel the letter of intent and to start building the hospital itself.

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