AP-Transco is planning a 400 kV line to transmit excess solar power


AP-Transco is preparing to develop an energy infrastructure for the transfer of excess solar energy generated by AP Green Energy Corporation’s solar parks between the coastal regions of Andhra and Rayalaseema.

In Tallayapallem, Guntur district, the company will build its first gas-insulated substation (GIS) to provide high quality electricity and improve voltage in Krishna and Guntur districts.

According to official sources, AP-Transco proposed moving a 400 kV line from Talaricheruvu in Anantapur District to Podili in Prakasam District to connect the coastal and Rayalaseema regions.

The government is in the process of adding solar power in the Rayalaseema area, where electricity needs are less than generation, so more electricity needs to be exported to the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd network.

To avoid wasting excess electricity, Transco suggests connecting coastal and Rayalaseema regions together to transfer the excess solar power between the two regions.

This aids in utilizing the excess electricity for local needs in various sectors including industrial, agricultural, household and commercial.

In addition, bus reactors were put into operation in 400 kV substations in Hindupur, Podili and Rachagunneri in the Chittoor district to address the high voltage problems in 400 kV lines.

This makes it easier to reduce the interstate consumption of reactive power, which is associated with penalties.

For the evacuation of the electricity from the 10,000 MW solar systems, which were to be supplied with electricity for agriculture free of charge for nine hours during the day, Transco prepared an evacuation program for the transmission with an optimal budget, making appropriate use of the available resources.

The evacuation facilities will be used in Phase 1 at an estimated cost of £ 1,349 billion.


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