The police advise over 300 drug offenders


More than 300 drug offenders, smugglers, rowdy sheeters and historians implicated in ganja cases received advice from officials from the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) on Sunday.

As part of Operation ‘Naya Savera’, the SEB and the police disregarded the drug dealers and historians and advised them. Around 250 people were called and advised, said Guntur Urban SP RN Ammireddy.

“The rowdy sheeters have been warned not to engage in illegal or criminal activities or cause harm to anyone and have been asked to look after their families. We advised them not to fall into the drug trap and ruin their lives. If they get better, the police will help them find ways to settle, ”Ammireddy said.

Vijayawada Police Commissioner B. Srinivasulu said there were 150 drug traffickers in the city, of whom 70 offenders were counseled on Sunday.

“The task force staff advised the drug offenders. If they don’t get better, the police will expel them from the commission and recommend booking a PD bill against them, ”warned Srinivasulu.

SEB Commissioner Vineet Brijlal said drug traffickers and smugglers across the state are being advised. “If necessary, SEB and the police will send the drug addicts to rehabilitation centers,” said Brijlal.


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