Panel on the development of the state into a global IT hub

The aim is to improve the quality of life, increase industrial production and create jobs

The government has established an Information Technology and Electronics Industry Advisory Committee (CCITEI) to implement various policies and specific issues related to IT, ITeS, electronics and start-up companies.

A related GO stated that the committee will strive to develop the state into an innovative society of global renown, with an emphasis on improving the quality of life of its citizens through high quality education and health care and on increasing productivity in industry and society in industry lies allied activities, job creation through the promotion of electronics and IT.

The government will shortly announce its investment promotion policy for the ESDM (IT and Electronics System Design & Manufacturing) industry.


These guidelines can set certain incentives and also impose certain responsibilities on the industry.

What was CCITI in the past was renamed CCITI and reconstituted in order to ensure the rapid realization of the political goals and to facilitate the coordination between different officials of the government on the one hand and the representatives of the industry on the other.

The committee consists of the chief secretary of the IT and Electronics and Communications Department as chairman, the joint IT promotions director as convener, and 15 members representing various other allied departments.

The committee will, upon reviewing their applications, grant the industry various incentives and land grants available in the state’s IT and Electronics Policy within the specified time period.

It will solve the problems encountered in implementing the guidelines, setting procedures and providing guidelines for effective implementation of the guidelines.

The CCITEI is empowered to recommend, approve, reject, or postpone applications for incentives or land allocation at its sole discretion. However, it must process the old incentive requests according to the previous guidelines until the new guidelines and guidelines are published.

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