Four more succumb to COVID in South Coastal AP


Four other people died of coronavirus on the south coast of Andhra Pradesh within 24 hours as the number of new cases continued to rise rapidly in the region.

The death toll from a pandemic rose to 1,098, with Prakasam district causing 584 deaths to date and SPSR Nellore district causing 514 deaths so far, according to a health bulletin published by the state government.

There has been no slack in new cases as 255 people became infected in the past 24 hours and the total number of active cases rose to 1,430 in the region. While the SPSR Nellore district identified 857 new cases, the Prakasam district was 573.

The number of people vaccinated for Easter fell. Only 3,869 people attended the 70 meeting venues in the SPSR Nellore district and 380 people attended the 19 meeting venues in the Prakasam district, health officials said. So far, up to 2.15 lakh have been vaccinated in the SPSR Nellore district.

Prakasam District District Health Officer Fr. Ratnavalli said the district administration had identified 5 lakh people over the age of 45. “We will endeavor to cover everyone on a saturation basis by setting up meeting venues at the village level,” she said.

The district administration had set up two COVID-19 Care Centers (CCCs), each with a bed size of 1,000, in Ongole to take in new cases. Most of the new cases reported so far had asymptomatic cases and they were being treated for their homes, she said.


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