Faculty, students meddle to help Alumna achieve their dream


Father Sameera Khan will make his way to Mount Everest

The KSR Government Junior College for girls in Anantapur honored its alumna and mountaineer Pathan Sameera Khan for her achievements in climbing several Himalayan mountains and for traveling alone in 25 countries by bike.

At a small event on the college grounds, faculty and some students raised and presented £ 2 lakh to encourage them to go on an expedition to Mount Everest in May 2022. Ms. Sameera Khan, who started the expedition, is greeted from an ordinary family in Anantapur. She lost both parents when she was young.

To cover the cost of the expedition, she has planned to raise funds through an online and physical fundraiser in Anantapur, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. “The expedition could cost me about £ 35 lakh, although I’ve saved some money from my income, I need to raise a lot more to make the trip as economical as possible,” said Ms. Sameera.

Her college department head, Vijaya Bharathi Reddy, contributed £ 1 lakh, and the faculty and a handful of students interfered with £ 1 lakh that was given to her. She said her strength training was on the right track for the expedition and some time later this year and early next year she will get a few days of professional training at a Himalayan camp before setting off on the trip.


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