A record performance by the Guntakal Rail Division


The Guntakal Division of the South Central Railway handled a record breaking exchange of freight trains per day in February, averaging 207 trains per day.

On April 2, the division achieved a record-breaking exchange of 245 freight trains. This is the highest value that a division of the SCR has ever achieved.

Even with such a high exchange rate, the speed of the freight trains was kept at 50 km / h, which is also a record in itself, said Alok Tiwari, head of the Railway Division, in a press release here on Saturday.

In operational terms, the Guntakal division has 11 exchange points, which it shares with Southern Railways, South Western Railways, Central Railways and other SCR divisions.

Geographically, the division is critical with Indian Railways, as it ensures a seamless supply of the neighboring loading departments and zones with empty racks.

The division is also the main cement cluster in the country as the division’s cement and clinker are shipped to destinations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, etc.

“This was possible with the help and coordination of all departments involved in moving freight trains such as transportation, traction, mechanical engineering and engineering,” said Tiwari.


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