More than 25 “Blade Batch” bands are active in City, Guntur


Blade batch bands are causing flutter in many areas of Vijayawada and Guntur districts. More than 25 gangs are active in both cities.

“Blade Batch” perpetrators allegedly addicted to drugs are reportedly carrying bits of blades with them. They attack people in isolated places with blades and relieve them of cash and valuables.

Police identified vulnerable locations where gangsters used “Blade Batch” to target the public. In some areas, gang members allegedly resort to break-ins by breaking into houses on the outskirts.

“First, the defendant will inflict injuries with blades and small knives (pencil-sharp knives), causing bleeding injuries to terrorize the public. They later grab the victims’ wallets and valuables. The gang members will be under the influence of alcohol and ganja, ”said one police officer.

On March 28, a robber suspected of being a Blade Batch member allegedly attacked a guard, G. Grace, with a blade in the brake truck of a freight train. He flashed the blade, choked it, tiled her hands with a dupatta, and stole 3,000 pounds of cash and gold jewelry from her.

“The defendant got on the train near Tadepalli station. Many unscrupulous elements and blade batch members roam the tracks and the Krishna River Bund. We suspect the defendant was a blade batch offender, ”said a state railroad police officer investigating the case.

In another incident, a four-man “Blade Batch” gang attacked a woman on the train tracks while she was on her way to Machilipatnam after selling fish. Gang members snatched cash from the woman after allegedly attacking her with knives.

Blade Batch gangs attacked passengers near the train station when they were returning home during the day, grabbing gold chains and purses.

“Blade batch gangs are active in One Town, Gandhi Nagar, Satyanarayanapuram, Machavaram, Gunadala, Tadepalli, Sea Tanagaram and other locations in Vijayawada and Guntur. We advise the accused regularly, ”said one police officer.


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