‘Government. Working on the creation of digital infrastructures up to the Panchayat level ”


According to IT and Industry Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy, the government has set itself the goal of creating 19,000 IT jobs by 2024.

“The government is working on creating digital infrastructure down to the Panchayat level such as high-speed internet in villages and digital libraries with video conferencing facilities in the village / parish secretariats,” said Goutham Reddy while addressing the CXO Round Table here Friday .

The idea was to expand all 19,000 village secretariats into digital laboratories. “In addition, five to six workstations are made available in every gram of panchayat that can be used as shared workspaces by specialists or entrepreneurs,” he said.

The minister also turned to Twitter to share initiatives to develop the IT and industrial sectors in the state.

“There are many ways our government can support or initiate #startup ecosystems: better regulations, pathways for capital, access to knowledge, and hubs for incubation,” he said.

Skill development

Speaking at the conclave, Goutham Reddy said the government has set up 30 Competence Development Centers (SDC) nationwide to provide training on various skills relevant to today’s industry.

The government also established a high-end IT literacy university in Visakhapatnam to meet the skill and innovation needs of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The government proposed to set up an integrated technology park to create the best work environment in the world after COVID-19. It would consist of a high-end IT literacy university, incubation centers, competence centers, laboratories, collaboration rooms, the State Data Center (SDC) and offices of the IT, E&C department in Visakhapatnam, he said.


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