Don’t give in to the pressure, Lokesh tells Sarpanches


The national secretary general of the TDP, N. Lokesh, called on the newly elected Sarpanches on Saturday not to submit to the pressure tactics of the ruling party and instead to work fearlessly and with commitment.

In a statement, Mr Lokesh said the Sarpanches and parishioners earned their posts by fighting against all odds and should therefore work without fear or prejudice.

He greeted the Sarpanches and parishioners who had taken the oath of office, saying that the victory won after threats from ruling party leaders and cadres was precious and that they should protect the sanctity of their posts.

“Fight against GO 2”

He said the Sarpanches should continue their fight against GO # 2, which was “illegally brought in by the YSRCP government to negate its powers and responsibilities”.

“It is not necessary for anyone to succumb to threats from the ruling party leaders. The 73rd and 74th amendments to the Constitution give the Sarpanches immense powers to develop local bodies, ”he said.

Mr Lokesh said the Sarpanches should focus on making the most of the central resources that would go straight to the Panchayats without the role of intermediaries.

“The Constitution guaranteed these powers that no one can take away. The Prime Minister has no confidence in local self-government, which is reflected in GO 2, ”he said.


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