Congress alone can end BJP’s “mistake” at the center, says Chinta Mohan

The Congress Party alone could put an end to the “mistake” demanded on Friday by the BJP-led government in the center, claimed Chinta Mohan, member of the Congress Working Committee and party candidate for the by-election of Tirupati Lok Sabha.

Dr. Mohan reached out to the media in Venkatagiri and asked why the YSRCP, which won a maximum of 22 MP seats with a promise to “give Andhra Pradesh Special Category Status (SCS)”, made its promise to the people after the 2019 elections.

“Embroiled in legal proceedings, Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is busy commuting between Amaravati and Delhi,” he said.

YSRCP MPs added insult to the violation and fully supported the BJP’s “local agenda” as well as the “suicidal” economic policies in parliament, he said

The TDP, on the path to political oblivion in the state, also supported the BJP’s “anti-people” policies in parliament, he claimed.

Both regional parties were hand in hand with the BJP, he accused.

Dr. Mohan wanted the people to teach a lesson to the BJP and the YSRCP who competed with each other to put a heavy toll on the people in the form of taxes.

Price increase

The rise in the price of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas has led to an unprecedented rise in the price of all essential goods, making the lives of ordinary people miserable, he said.

Whatever development the region went through was only during the long years of Congress rule, he said.

Development of the state. Including the constituency that has suffered most under the rule of the YSRCP, he claimed after a whistle-stop campaign in Venkatagiri, Naidupeta and Tada Mandalen.

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