100 stray monkeys from Tanuku are released into the forest


Forest and veterinary officers performed the operation after testing the animals

Forestry officials released about 100 monkeys that were caged in the city. The released monkeys were in good health, officials said.

After public complaints that monkeys were attacking them and causing trouble in Tanuku City and surrounding areas, local community officials reportedly caught the animals and kept them in cages. They arranged staff to take care of the animals.

However, members of the animal care and rescue team took the matter to the attention of the West Godavari District Collector and Ministry of Forestry authorities, who took action on Thursday. Animal rescue team members argued that monkeys would die from lack of food and water if they were caged and urged their immediate release.

The forest and community officials, along with the vet, visited the monkeys in the Kommai Cheruvu Gattu area where they were being kept. Vet Jayapal said all animals were in good condition, said C. Selvam, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO-Wildlife Management).

“The monkeys were brought to Dubacherla in vehicles and released into nearby forests. Monkey threats exist in some areas. The public can drive them away, but they shouldn’t hold and torture the animals, ”Selvam said.


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