The GVMC’s first council meeting is expected to be a tumultuous affair


The first council meeting of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation after a hiatus of more than nine years is expected to be a tumultuous affair, with opposition parties trying to target the ruling party on a number of issues.

While the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) with 60 districts, including two independents, has an absolute majority, the opposition is led by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) with 32 districts, including two independents, and the Jana Sena Party ( JSP) supported. With three communities and the Communist Party of India (KPI), the Communist Party of India-Marxist (KPI-M) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), each with one community, will prove to be formidable opponents on several issues.

“The first thing that will hit the ground will be the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel mill. We will urge the Council to adopt a resolution against this move and to send it to the government of the Union. I am sure that the TDP will support us, ”said B. Gangarao of the CPI (M), who was elected from Division 78.

That being said, the proposed increase in property tax will also be in the spotlight as the entire opposition is firmly against this move.

“The move to calculate property tax based on the market value of the property will increase the tax burden unusually and harm the middle class. In addition, the hike cannot be carried out without the consent of the council, ”said Gangarao.

“It must first be discussed in the Council, after which it can be implemented. What other use is the council when the state government makes decisions? “Said Vanapalli Ravi Kumar, who won with a TDP ticket from Ward 31.

The government ordinance on property tax should be repealed with immediate effect, added Gangarao.

The verification of Smart City works

The left-wing parties and the TDP are also preparing to question the GVMC about the poor condition of the roads.

“The roads across town are in very bad shape and no repairs have been made in the past two years. GVMC received nearly £ 1,600 on the Smart City project and we would ask for an audit and status report, ”said AJ Stalin of CPI, who won 72 from Ward.

“We don’t understand why the width of the street near Pandurangapuram was reduced to accommodate a wider sidewalk as part of the Smart City project. What’s the logic behind it? “asked Mr. Stalin.

“Both financial and physical reviews of the Smart City works are required as we believe the work has started where it was not needed, such as widening the pavement on Rushikonda Beach Road,” said Ravi Kumar .

A few years ago, ADB funds spent about £ 120 million building a general purpose sewer. To date, however, the canal has not been used and funds have been wasted. The funds could have been diverted to more supply work such as developing slums, said another TDP group.

Works to be checked

The opposition is preparing to pressure the ruling party to review all work that has been done over the past nine years. “To date, the work carried out during the IFR (International Fleet Review) has not been reviewed. The amount owed to contractors is over £ 400 billion and they have not received any payments in the past two years. We will address these questions, ”said Ravi Kumar.

Underground wiring work has damaged the roads and restoration work is lagging behind. Although there is a canal in the health city of Arilova, trenches are still being dug for wiring. What was the reason for spending money building a canal? “Said Ganga Rao.

Aside from these questions of hygiene, COVID readiness and other issues, they will likely be up for discussion during the session.


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