People’s outfits are calling for cases filed against civil rights activists to be overturned


CPI Deputy Secretary of State JVSN Murthy has called for the lifting of the “illegal cases” imposed on civil rights leaders arrested under the UAPA and the unconditional release of the civil rights activists arrested in the case.

At a meeting organized by popular organizations here on Thursday, Murthy said the raids on civil rights activists and lawyers were nothing more than an act of intimidation. He alleged that those seeking constitutional rights were being targeted and called on the government to act according to instructions from the High Court, which ordered a stay of the case.

Stree Shakti leader Lalitha claimed that an undeclared curfew was in effect across the country. The government has given the NIA a free hand, she said, adding that the aim is to suppress the voices of civil rights activists whose support has strengthened the popular movement against the privatization of the Visakhapatnam Steel Mill (VSP).

At the meeting it was decided to hold a rally from the Ambedkar statue near the LIC to the Gandhi statue on Friday to protest the raids.

M. Lakshmi (prisoner of war), Lalitha (CMS), K. Padma (Mahila Chetana), K. Padma (lawyer), G. Ganapathi (AIYF) and N. Nagabushanam (District Secretary Matsya Karmika Sangam) were among those attending the meeting.


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