YSRCP MPs couldn’t deliver: Kala


Neither the YSRCP nor the BJP have the moral right to get votes in the Tirupati LS by-election because both parties have wronged the state, claimed K. Kala Venkata Rao, a member of the TDP Polit Bureau.

Mr. Venkata Rao spoke to the media on Tuesday about how the BJP’s slogans are only aimed at winning the seat. The party has no ideological commitment, he said.

Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had no right to seek votes as he failed to achieve Special Category Status (SCS) and made sure the center’s promises were fulfilled at the time of the fork, he said.

Mr. Venkata Rao asked if there was a need for people to give another MP to the YSRCP if not all MPs are able to put pressure on the center and allow Andhra Pradesh to do a fair deal.

Voters should demand an explanation of why the YSRCP government is not protecting the interests of the Visakhapatnam Steel Mill, Kadapa Steel Mill, Dugarajapatnam Port and Ramayapatnam Port, he added.


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