BJP and YSRCP refuted the state’s hopes for special category status: Panabaka


The TDP candidate urges voters to teach these parties a lesson in the Tirupati Bypoll

A group of people in the remote village of Vakadu patiently waited to hear the former Union Minister and TDP candidate for the seat of Tirupati Lok Sabha, Panabaka Lakshmi, as their mode of transport snaked through the dusty streets at dusk.

“Modis Insurance”

After welcoming them, mostly farmers, Ms. Lakshmi reminded her of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise in 2014 to grant the state Special Category Status (SCS) for 15 years, a promise made by Lord Venkateswara Swamy Was a witness.

In the same breath, she recalled the promise made by Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2019 to force the Union government to give the coveted SCS if his party should win an overwhelming majority of the MP seats.

“‘What happened to the promise made by the YSRCP that won 22 Lok Sabha seats?” she asked them when suddenly the power went out.

Ms. Lakshmi turned on the headlights of her sports aid vehicle and continued her questions to the electorate, undeterred by the blackout.

Farm Acts

When asked if they would get a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for rice, the congregation said a big “no”.

She went on to explain to them that once the center passed the three farming laws, MSP would be a thing of the past, not just for rice fields but for all major crops.

The unprecedented price increase for all important raw materials was due to the exploding prices for gasoline, diesel and cooking gas, said the former Union Minister of State for Petroleum.

To ask her to use her voice wisely to teach the BJP and YSRCP a lesson that she had allegedly contradicted her hopes.

“The YSRCP has supported the anti-human policies of the BJP-led government at the center of parliament on several occasions,” she claimed before moving to another village.

“Cheap Tactics”

In the middle of her campaign, she told the story The Hindu For fear of losing the by-election, the YSRCP resorted to “cheap tactics”, such as cutting off the power supply to the villages it had visited since Sunday as part of the campaign.

She said the YSCRCP did not expect the overwhelming response it received. “Out of fear and frustration, power was cut on two consecutive days during her visits to the villages of the Gudur and Sullurpeta Congregation Sections of the Tirupati LS constituency in the Nellore district,” she said.

Wondering why the YSRCP had created hurdles for her when she was confident of winning the preselection on the welfare polling plank, Ms. Lakshmi said, “TV channels are not allowed to televise their campaign in some locations.”

“Is the YSRCP against the TDP candidate or the constituency people swaying under the scorching summer heat?” She asked.


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