Tourist destinations are getting a new face: Muttamsetti


The minister directs the steps to raise key funds for the development of sports arenas

The Minister of Tourism, Culture, Sport and Youth, Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao, said on Tuesday that all tourist destinations across the state would get a facelift as part of the new tourism policy – 2020-25.

The minister checked the tourism, cultural, sports and archaeological projects with the officials of the respective departments.

He extensively discussed the steps required to obtain central funding for sports arena development and asked about progress in developing sports arena projects that were nearing completion.

The minister asked officials from the Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority (SAAP), the NCC and youth services to develop action plans for the programs to be launched by them this year.

He said work on each project should be done to international standards and that there should be no compromise on quality.

He said kabaddi should be developed as a popular sport and players should be encouraged in the field. He said the tourism projects should stand out compared to other states.

Gandikota project

The officials informed the minister that a special action plan was being prepared for the development of the Gandikota region as a tourist destination. They said investors are keen to put their money into projects in this area. They showed the minister the proposed plan to build tourist attractions such as hotels, recreation centers, amusement parks, golf courses and bridges.

The special envoy for tourism, culture and archeology, Rajat Bhargav, the chief secretary for sport and youth, Ram Gopal, the commissioner of the department of archeology and museums, Vani Mohan, were present.


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