Mafia smuggles human hair out of Tirumala: Ayyanna Patrudu


The human hair collected in the Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala is smuggled abroad by the Mafia. Ayyanna Patrudu has blamed the ruling YSRCP leaders for this.

Regarding the seizure of £ 2 million worth of human hair by the Assam rifles on the Mizoram-Myanmar border, Ayyana Patrudu said the incident exposed illegal smuggling activities. “It shows how the leaders of the YSRCP trade the Mafia in human hair, other than sand, cement, alcohol, etc.,” he said.

In a statement here on Tuesday, he asked the government to explain why it had failed to contain the “hair mafia threat” in the Tirumala Temple. “By indulging in such activities, the leaders of the YSRCP launch attacks on the feelings of followers. It is unfortunate that the government has remained indifferent to protecting the sanctity of the seven hills, ”he said.


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