Honors to NTR on the day the TDP was founded


On the founding day of the party on Monday, the founder of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and former Prime Minister NT Rama Rao received rich honors. Party leaders adorned the statue of NTR on Beach Road.

Former minister and MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao said he was delighted that the party founded for the poor has completed its 40th anniversary. He recalled that within nine months of the TDP’s founding, NTR had made history by defeating the great old Congress party.

NTR had shown the power of the Telugu people to the whole world. NTR had helped empower women by giving them a share of family property. He was optimistic that the TDP would win the by-poll in Tirupati and regain its former glory.

The founding day celebrations also took place in the city’s party office. Party leaders decorated the NTR statue and paid tribute. Party leaders Md. Nazeer and Podugu Kumar recalled the NTR’s contribution to the recognition of the Telugu language across India.

The TDP companies Konada Chinna and Meka Satyakiran were among the participants. The foundation day celebrations also took place at various locations in the district.


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