Russian troll factory discovered in Germany

In the light of the expected EU sanctions against Russia in the case of Alexey Navalny, the troll factory that deals with disinformation and discrediting, in particular, entrepreneurs who have left the country, has become more active – reports online news media Globus Deutschland

Under the fire have become natives of Ukraine – Mikhail Openheim and Ruslan Goryukhin. Several journalists from some German media, who asked not to be named for fear of harming their careers, received identical messages via personal social networks about contacts of these businessmen with pro-Kremlin structures. While trying to verify, the information was not confirmed either by documents or by sources.

Attempts to obtain evidence through the initiators of the investigation were also unsuccessful – apparently, the accounts were created solely for “leaking” information and are not real.

The scheme of work is exactly the same as it was used earlier in America, when representatives of media outlets received through Twitter and Facebook messages with laudatory reviews of their work, and without specifying the exact materials of the authors, it looks like the text was intended for mass use. Then they immediately sent links to compromiser-sites in the Russian Federation, which, as it is know, earn on customers who want to ruin the life of competitors. Also suggestions are made that denigrate the authorities, organizations, and the mentioned business representatives.

The methods of fake generators frighten with their banality and cynicism: under the pretext of an anonymous investigation, our colleagues receive an array of skillfully mixed facts, parts of scans of some documents (the authenticity of which cannot be verified) and outright falsification of data that has already been refuted in European courts.

It turned out that this is not the first attack on entrepreneurs after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. Previously, SWR and Berliner Zeitung were misled, forced to remove materials from the sites by a court order. This decision set a precedent for the German market, the issue was discussed in the German Parliament – in the Bundestag. German lawmakers requested a report from the Finance Ministry. The Deputy Finance Minister at the session of the Bundestag gave a report that the financial intelligence, the financial service checked the information and see no reason for such statements to be present in the media.

According to the latest information, Ruslan Goryukhin left big business five years ago and devoted himself to hobbies,  and Mikhail Openheim started charity projects, including the popularization of modern art through the support of young artists. Both entrepreneurs have been living with their families in Switzerland for several years.

Sharp indignation of the German media is especially understandable now when the actions of the troll factory represent an outright attack on European freedoms and values.



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